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Will Bushee

Co-Founder of Code Bootcamp / Author of Wired for Coding / VP of BrightPlanet


I’m an avid technology enthusiast and a firm believer that no project is too crazy to attempt – this has gotten me involved in some weird projects. I enjoy working with kids, entrepreneurs, early-stage startups, and those struggling with the latest technology.

When I’m not in the office, you’ll find me hanging around Queen City Bakery on Thursday mornings, attending local social events around Sioux Falls, teaching kids about technology, or online interacting with my community.

Stalk me on Facebook or connect through LinkedIn. Or just give me a call 605-610-9455.


Does your house Slack you? Mine does. The crazy sensors I built -- IoT-style

Over the past four years, I’ve built a ton of crazy sensors to monitor and control different activities around my house. I have sensors that are currently monitoring temperature at multiple locations around my house include two freezers. My garage has a garage door sensor to know if it is open or closed as well as a light sensor, complete with Slack/Discord integration for alerts and alarms. I also monitor my washer/dryer and HVAC. All custom-built from $5 microcontroller.

This fun presentation will be going deep into what I've built, what worked, what didn't work, why I built it, and how you can build your own – if you think that's cool. This will be a light, fun, easy-to-follow presentation no matter your technical background – no prior knowledge necessary to enjoy.