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Michael Todd

UI Developer / Blend Interactive


With a history of writing, design, and front-end development, Michael Todd — chicken owner, songwriter, history lover — feels like a bit of a modern renaissance soul. At Blend Interactive, as user interface developer, he uses all of those skills in transferring design mocks and user requirements into fully functional, mobile friendly, and accessible front-end layers.

Michael studied journalism at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, but after a couple years as a managing editor, he switched gears and dove headlong into web development as part of the first class of Omaha Code School. Now, he takes the philosophy of journalism — one part empathy for your interviewees and audience, another part efficiency of the craft — and applies it to front-end development, excelling as he puts himself in the client’s shoes, examining and understanding how they’ll use the site.


What the Heck is Tailwind CSS?

  • Backstory: Similar frameworks that inspired it, and others it departs from - What does “utility-first” mean?
  • Bits of audio from the creator Adam Wathan
  • Use cases: Long-term projects that are passed around among a good number of developers - Examples of sites that have adopted it
  • Arguments against: Tons of unused CSS if you don't include something like purge-css in your workflow, etc.
  • Future of the framework: Proposed changes as well as others’ ideas for improvement