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John Townsend

Software Engineer / Omnitech


I’ve been a Software Engineer for Omnitech since May of 2019 and have worked for there as a Software Engineer Intern for the previous two summers. I am a recent graduate from Dakota State University in Computer Science and Math. I work primarily in the .NET stack, with the most experience in web projects using MVC.

I learning new things from coworkers, books, local clubs, and Twitter (@jowtow). Lately I have been reading Clean Architecture, The Art of Unit Testing, The Phoenix Project, and some other self-improvement focused books (12 Rules for Life, Learn Better, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People). I am still rather new to non-college adult life, and I have a lot to learn in the realms of software and life.

Outside of work, I enjoy painting rocks, cooking, wood burning, disc golfing, and singing! Thanks for allowing me to speak!


Clean Architecture : The Software Way

Software Architecture affects our lives every day. The lack of good components and boundaries will cause stress for everyone. You will probably see more bugs, higher cost to change and add features and less happy customers. We've read Clean Architecture by Uncle Bob Martin as a large group at Omnitech. We've learned a lot and there is still much to learn. John and Kevin will be sharing take aways and leading some discussion. You'll leave more aware of pitfalls of bad architecture and be equipped with the vocabulary to advocate for Clean Architecture.