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Come on in and learn to code an Arduino to light up a ring of Neopixel lights. We will make the lights blink and chase, and change colors. Then we will add a sound detector and program the Neopixels to react to the beat of the music. It’s up to you how the lights will react, you can make them blink, chase, change colors, or dream up your own combination. Finally, we will code an 4X1 Dot Matrix LED module to light up a short word or design. We will do a little wiring to get the Arduino, Neopixel ring, and LED Matrix setup. It’s all hands-on. Bring a laptop (A Windows laptop works best if you have that available.) to code along with us. Order the Arduino, Neopixel, and Sound Sensor listed below and bring them along. If you are not able to order the items below, we will have a couple of stations with the hardware (you will still need a laptop as listed above) for group work.

Items to order:

  1. Arduino Uno board with USB Cable: link

  2. Neopixel LED Ring (Note: it is important to get THIS one as other Neopixel rings need soldering): link

  3. Sound Sensor: link

  4. Light Modules (Note, you only need one but this is the best one I have found AND with two if one doesn’t work you have a spare): link

  5. Jumper Cables: link

Here is a link to the Neopixels with music: