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{Everything}-as-Code: An introduction to managing multiple AWS Accounts with Infrastructure-as-Code and CICD

Thanks to Cloud Service Providers (CSPs), spinning up resources for testing, development, and production workloads takes seconds instead of hours. Because of this flexibility and availability there is a significant increase in potential budget expenditure, resource sprawl, and overlooked security considerations. How does one manage all these resources at scale while ensuring budgetary restrictions, security compliance, and good housekeeping practices?

This talk addresses those questions and more as an introduction to using code and structured deployment processes to manage one or many CSP accounts at scale by providing a baseline, implementing least privilege, and consolidating configuration management. While these solutions are specific to Amazon Web Services (AWS), the concepts can easily be ported to any other CSP. This presentation is focused less on the development of new services or applications and more towards generating a mindset that results in a self-documenting architecture as well as a controlled change management process for producing secure and manageable cloud deployments.